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OUGD402 - Study Task 1 - Things That Inspire Me..

For this post I am going to discuss times/moments where I feel that I am most inspired because there is too much of wide range of things that can inspire me to just write five.

1. Taking  A Shower.

When I wake up, the first thing I do is have a shower, I do this for a few reasons.. The main being it wakes me up enough to crawl to the kitchen, the other is it stops me from smelling bad and looking like a minger. I find that when I am in the shower I tend to over-think things, absolutely anything i will delve into it with my mind. I often have ideas or make plans or something that is creatively beneficial to my work whilst I am waking up with hot water being sprayed into my face.

2. Coffee.

Okay I only started really drinking this like a life-source since I moved out and went to university but yeah. This is the best thing to wake up to after getting out of the shower. I think its a mix that inspires me, a mix of both comfort and energy where I feel very relaxed and open whilst it warms me from the inside and also a spark of feeling in my body which makes me feel motivated and ready to do something productive. I think the comfort it gives me allows my mind to flow a bit more, i think/see things I wouldn't normally whilst drinking a good coffee. When I get a creative block, first thing I do is grab a coffee, 7/10 times it works a treat.

3. Music.

Pretty stereotypical if you ask me, but I absolutely love music. Absolutely any (apart from really shit rap and cheesy pop music). Whilst I am listening to some really well written music, my mind will wander, either to the music or the lyrics of the song. A lot of my work is produced on behalf of the music I was listening to at the time of creating it, sometimes purposely. For example recently I was approached by an extremely heavy band from Huddersfield who were after a designer to sort out a logo for them. As I began, even though I am not really into it I put on some extremely heavy music and let it guide me through the development, it turned into a very successful design.

4. Days Away.

I enjoy travelling an awful lot but for the past few years I haven't really had the money to afford going abroad other than visiting friends in Spain where I used to live. And don't get me wrong i absolutely love going there but when I said "travelling" I meant new places, places I have never been or places i don't get to see much. My cameras are my best friends when it comes to journey's like that. I spend almost my whole time finding new things to shoot for both memory's sake and inspiration. This could be anywhere in our country or overseas.

5. Friends.

The people I am either with or have spent time with can affect my mood/motivation and style of work. Design to me can be commercial but most of the time its personal, there are links to how I am feeling and what is going on in my mind. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's obvious. But the people I am with have a massive impact on the way I work. My links with people are always inspiring me and influencing me whether they are creative or not. The fact someone made me smile 10 minutes before I started working could make a massive difference to the outcome of my work.

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