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OUGD602 — Studios — The Lift Agency — Second Day / GF-Smith Collection Launch

Going back to Lift was a good feeling. I had the whole train journey to myself this time round as Sam was in early to get a bit of work done for another meeting so I met him there.

I was placed on the other end of the room this time to be amongst different people and get a feel for the way they work too. I got some updates running on the computer as I was a bit early and then I met Tom as he arrived. He was very chirpy and told me that he was pleased to finally meet me as he had heard a lot about me (surprising as I'd only been in one day the week before, but nonetheless good!). Him and Sam took me into the briefing room and we sat down and discussed a very peculiar, interesting brief they had on their hands to brand a product for a friend of theres that create 3D objects made of plastic compounds. 

The product was a small shuttle that carried three containers that could be filled with shampoo, conditioner and shower-gel all designed to be completely travel safe. It was already in production to be made and branded for big companies like Dove, Virgin and Nike but they wanted their own one that could be sold empty for more picky customers that like their own products in the pack. My challenge was to conceptualise a brand for it along with a packaging solution. I had half a day to move through my ideas and develop it enough to pitch/show.

I found this challenge to be a difficult one as I had no guidelines to follow, the product didn't even have a name and part of my job was to think of one. I did everything I could and we broke off for lunch. Me, Sam and Christophe went to Boots for a meal-deal after having a wonder in town. Once we arrived at the studio again, Sam had to answer a Skype call from some of the studio members in Abu Dhabi so me and Christophe had some time to chat while eating, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with each of the studio members now and I felt very welcomed to the environment quickly, feeling like I belonged in the team.

After lunch, I showed Sam and Tom the work I had spent my morning on and they were really pleased with the packaging outcomes I had come up with but the three of us were still unsure on the name/identity and they understood why I struggled so much.

I was taken back to the briefing room as they thought I could give my head a break from name thinking and they gave me a new job. I had to conceptualise the POS for Cleveland Golf products for shops around the world that would promote the Buy one and get one 50% off offer they had running. This was another thought-heavy brief and spent the rest of the day coming up with and driving ideas.

Towards the end of the working day, Tom asked me if I wanted to come along with them to the GF-Smith Collection launch that evening. I'd heard a lot about it and was so excited that I was asked and decided to go with them. When we arrived we were given drinks tokens and had half an hour to network and catch up with people we hadn't seen for a while. A few of the graduates from the course were there so I got chatting to them to see how they had been.

The collection book was handed out after a short talk from Matthew and it was absolutely amazing, very well designed, printed and put together. I stuck around for a few more beers with the guys from Lift until I decided I'd be on my way as I had an illustration job deadline to conform to before midnight. 

Before I left, Tom took me to one side and told me about their studio move in June/July and that they are looking for a full timer for after the move, so far I had made a good impression because he said that from what he could see, I would fit in well. This calms my nerves a lot more for beginning 'real life' once the degree is over.

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