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OUGD403: Alphabet Soup Part 2 - Group Crit

This week we had our first power crit! I really enjoyed it and found it immensely helpful. I already knew the direction of where I wanted to go and I had visuals to show people my direction and explained what I wanted to do.

Firstly I explained to them how each font represented Andy and why I liked them. And then went on to explain why I chose Reklame Script as my base typeface, pointing out the annotations I had made.

After I was done with everything I had to say about what i was planning and what I'd done, the critique started. And the following reflects what I learned from it.

  • Firstly I need to keep account of timescale. What I want to do is actually create a typeface with lots of work that would need to go into it, as well as mathematics to make them all join up and things will get insanely complicated, so possibly dull it down a bit.
  • Secondly, I need to have everything produced by Friday, so basically.. hurry up and get it done asap! haha.
  • And the last is to possibly think of changing my glyphs, or be more creative than use the bog standard full stops and stuff.

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