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OUGD402 - An Individual and a Designer.

5 Statements that clearly identify me as an individual:

1. I'm fun. I like to enjoy myself in whatever I am doing, I tend to make the best out of any situation and have a very positive attitude towards things if I am in the right frame of mind.

2. I need my sleep. It's a big obstruction and prevents me doing a lot with my time, but I need a lot of sleep or I become grumpy and unmotivated. This affects my entire way of thinking in both my work and my free time.

3. I enjoy food. I am not an obese person or anything but I really do love my food. I rarely eat ready-meals as I am not keen on them and I prefer to know everything that goes into my food and I also enjoy making it. It's an expensive habit but I am sure it's much better for me than eating some of the tinned meals my flat mates eat.

4. Busy. I feel as if I never stop, trying to balance my time and keep it organised now is definitely one of the hardest things I have ran into. I have recently had to reduce my hours I work because I wasn't coping well. However I used to go to university from 9:30 till 5:00-6:00 every week day, work twenty hours a week for Apple and manage, design for and organise my own business as well. I still spend my whole weekends working but I am down to 12 hours a week now. But I still feel like I don't have time to take a break from anything as there is always something I need to get done.

5. Social. To begin with I tend to act very shy with people until I am comfortable with them, but I am a very social person. I enjoy talking to and interacting with people from a variety of different backgrounds. It's very hard to stay close to people with the lack of time I possess however, so I don't tend to have the close friends I wish I did.

5 Statements that clearly identify me as a designer:

1. I'm motivated. Designing is where I am most comfortable, I am a very practical human and enjoy doing things. There is always something driving me towards a certain goal with a piece or collection of work, whether that is client satisfaction, a learning curve for myself, or just another challenge for me to kick down.

The Pressure Is Good For You - Designspiration

2. Music drives me creatively. I am in my best mindset if I am shut off from the world with the ability to listen to any music I desire. With music I can set myself in a desired mood so I can create more freely and become connected with what I am communicating in my work. My favourite at the moment is american pop-punk, very lively music which always has a catchy tune to it but is also bursting with motivation to carry something on.

Shiro to Kuro Album Artwork - Designspiration

3. Learning excites me. I am still a student and there is still so much I am yet to discover about design around me and myself as a designer. When I am taught something or I find something out with my own studies it gets me very motivated, especially when it involves experimental practice or being involved ins something I have never done before.

Books - Designspiration

4. I love to illustrate. I have always been interested in drawing things from an early age, but in the last three years that interest has grown into a really strong passion. I will develop things visually and hands on at every moment I get as I feel its one of my strong points and interests that still has a lot of work to go.

The Black Keys Poster - Drew Millward

5. I'm tired a lot of the time. I absolutely love what I do and everything about it, but when you have a lot of dedication to something so time consuming and you also have a business to manage and money that needs earning to live things can get difficult. The only way you can manage with it all is sometimes you just can't go to sleep - which does in a way effect me but even when I am tired and grouchy, I do not stop what I do.

Sleep Through The Static - We Become Legend

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