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OUGD402 - If you were a....

If you were a book what would your subject be and who would read you?

If I were a book, I'd be a band's tour book. Music is a massive part of me and communicates with everyone, which is exactly what I try to do. 

People use a tour book as a memory of what they have experienced. This relates to me because I try to be memorable to whoever I meet or work with to provide the right service to clients and possible friends.

If you were a package what would you contain and who would open you?

If I were a package, I'd be a pizza-box from a great takeaway. 

A pizza-box is packaging that has something in it which you have firstly wished and asked for, spent money on the time to go into it, and gotten excited to open that box and get something out which you have longed for. Whilst at the same time, being impressed with how quick it was delivered and how great it is. 

This is the exact service I aim to give with my work and clients. Preferred clients and past experiences are bands, musicians, independent clothing companies and charities.

If you were a shop what would you sell and who would buy it?

If I were a shop, I'd be independent. I would be one of those smaller shops with character which you can't help but look into as you walk past. The sort where something would catch your eye and entice you to enter and look around in interest. It would sell good quality, well made goods which provides something to admire and desire.

People that would shop there would be less interested in the mainstream mass produced market and more interested in quality and difference to everything else out there.

If you were a poster what would you promote and to whom?

If I were a poster I would be a gig fly poster. I would be promoting a talented band or singer who doesn't have a following they deserve. Eye-catching posters could make talented musicians identities and give them a representation of themselves before the music is even involved.

If you were a brand what would your values be and why would they be important?

To be a brand is to be something that your audience will stand by, or walk away to not return. Everything needs to be spot on, and it needs to be honest with what it does. There's no use saying your products are made in the UK if they are sourced in an eastern sweatshop, it will come out at some point and people will remember that the products are not what they say to be. I would be honest, I would be locally sourced,  but I would never let anyone down and make sure customer service was always a peak.

If you were an exhibition what would you show and where would you show it?

If I was an exhibition, I would be a pop-up screen print exhibition. It is a beautiful way of displaying art which goes through production by hand and is normally very limited and personal to the artist. It would be shown in student based cities in hope of inspiring the young into becoming interested in more traditional printing instead of just getting it done digitally.

If you were a leaflet what information would you contain and who would read it?

If I was a leaflet I would be a discount leaflet because I live off discounts. Students would read me, because they are always out there in hope for a bargain.

If you were a sign what would you show, to whom and where?

I would be a give-way sign, because I often put people before myself in a lot of situations. It would be aimed at people I am close to and it would be anywhere I am in need.

If you were an App what would you do and who would use you?

I would be twitter, because I am straight to the point, and I normally get things across in under 140 characters. 

If you were a blog, what would you be about and who would follow you?

I would be a packaging design blog because I appreciate nice packaging when out and about and it would inspire me for my own future work.

If you were an event, what would it be and how would you promote it?

I would be a gig with a fun and joyous atmosphere because I spend a lot of time at gigs where I do photography, I am a fun guy and I enjoy a pint with friends whilst listening to good music.

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