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OUGD402 - Studio Brief 2

Who am I now?

I'm motivated. Designing is where I am most comfortable, I am a very practical human and enjoy doing things a lot of the time. There is always something driving me towards a certain goal with a piece or collection of work, whether that is client satisfaction, a learning curve for myself, or just another challenge for me to kick down. I take whatever it is and use it to my advantage in one of those forms.

What have I learned?

I have learned that I am a lot more passionate about design than I originally thought, that or my whole interest for it has grown to another level entirely since studying it as a degree. I have learned to understand design in a lot more perspectives than I even knew about before, such as colour-theory, layout grids, the use of fonts and aesthetics in general as well as how they are constructed and finished.

What skills do I have?

I am confident in both Windows and OSX operating systems, I have a lot of knowledge in Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign which will be my main focuses. I have skills in drawing, either with traditional mediums or with a graphic tablet. I have a keen interest in photography use it as a practice in work, documentation and leisure. Screen printing has also become an interest I want to put more practice into as I find it very enjoyable and I appreciate print a lot.

What do I know?

Since studying here I have developed contextual knowledge of design practices historically and socially. I have broadened my knowledge of design theory such as the use of colours, layouts, grids, and type. I have also learned how to plan out ideas and think in a more open minded context, a lot of software knowledge, the use of stock and print, and finally efficiency of time management. 

What do I believe?

I believe that graphic design is the aim to communicate a message/idea/action/individual which can be directed at a chosen audience in a visually appealing form. This is what I have come to learn and love. I don't believe there is a single excuse to be to blame of or be associated with bad design. Design is identity and no ones identity should be displayed badly or that is exactly what it will represent. 

What info do I need to include?

I am nineteen, i have been designing things for three years.

I love pop-punk and heavy music, I love pizza, I enjoy sunny days and beer, I love zombie films and games, nice fonts, drawing.

I hate soft cheeses, loud people, morning alarms, ppi phone calls, obnoxious people, the excessive use of wisdom script.

What formats would represent this/me best?

Nice stock, two colours on stock for main branding, photography based, san serif type, small basic logos.

What tone of voice reflects me best?

I have a humorous yet passionate personality, I like to include as much fun into any job to make it more enjoyable so humour would be a big part of it.

What experiences have shaped me as a designer?


A-level graphic illustration at huddersfield New College, my tutor inspired me and my interest in design started then.

Degree at leeds college of art where i have developed a more thorough understanding, passion and interest in design.

Inanimate Apparel, my side project clothing label I have managed and designed for since my second year of college, this has taught me a lot about the industry and working with others in terms of both design and production, it has also taught me finances too.

Client work, small commissions from clothing labels, bands from all over the country and soon my mum's bridal boutique.

What are my creative concerns, opinions and beliefs and I what informed these decisions?

I believe that design shouldn't make a negative impact on something or be dishonest. At the end of the day, design is about communication and if it is communicating something that isn't true then it shouldn't be communicated.

What is my visual identity?

I am a very modernist designer that likes to dip into a bit of everything.

I found some designs online which I liked and wondered if they would suit my identity.

Smile Polaroid
Yorokobu Cover

I did some sketches of logos which would reflect me in each of the styles above and neither fitted me. However I did develop a very simple nice logo displaying the letters AD and decided to go with that.

Next was the CV layout.

My fold out book/poster.

Packaging that didn't go to plan.

Packaging that did go to plan.

Finished product.

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