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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 1 - Preparation for Session 1

10 Things I want to learn this year:

  • I would like to try stitch methods of book binding to broaden my knowledge in publication development.
  • I would like to experiment with the processes of laser engraving and learn when it would be suitable and appropriate.
  • I want to try the different outcomes of embossing and debossing on different materials and also learn when they are suitable and appropriate to use.
  • I'd like to advance my knowledge on web design and development as it is something that could prove useful and interesting.
  • I want to learn and develop my methods of research to make them more time efficient and effective in my work by using a wider range of sources and using them to my advantage.
  • I would like to develop my drawing skills further in my own time through the use of my sketchbook and wacom tablet.
  • Software use can always be improved with consistent use so I would hope to be more knowledgeable of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and Dreamweaver.
  • I have always been very much into my photography and that has spread to videography too so I would like to use those skills to my advantage and get better at them.
  • Essay writing has always been a challenge to me as I have never had much experience in them, I definitely want to of increased my essay writing skills in preparation for my dissertation.
  • Time management must of improved drastically, plan is to do all work during the day as soon as possible and try and take time out in evenings to rest and repeat. Saturdays should be spent wisely experiencing something and Sundays are spent earning money with my job.
  • I have always been interested in the business I started up in college but I am feeling the urge to change, develop something new, productive, creative and fun. I want to create a new concept to either start this Academic year or in the summer of 2014.
  • Review of what I said last year. Did I do them? Is there more to do?

    • Fundamental details of different areas of print and how/when to use them.
    • The anatomy of type.
    • How to learn and develop.
    • How design in industry works.
    • How to assess, understand and complete a briefing with a high standard.

    Looking at what I wrote last year has really made me aware of how much I have learned and achieved in a year because I have done so much more than what is displayed above.

    The only thing I am still unsure on is if I understand how design in the industry works just yet, this wont be understood until I complete a work placement, which will more than likely be next summer.

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