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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 1 - 10 Successes

10 Successes from your previous year in my group.

1. Passed the first year of BAGD.
2. Living alone/learned to be independent.
3. Learned to cook.
4. Printing resources/Learned new processes.
5. Developed digital skills.
6. Learned how to answer a structured brief clearly and appropriately.
7. Increase in confidence.
8. Improved personal and professional practice.
9. Improved literacy skills.
10. Balancing part-time work on top of the course.
11. Learned to integrate workshop skills into practice.
12. Prioritising your time with briefs.

10 Successes from your previous year as a year group.

1. Presentation skills.
2. Feedback.
3. Workshops.
4. Independence.
5. Research/Development.
6. Understand Time Management.
7. Working in/with groups/specialisms.
8. Confidence/Motivations.
9. Theory/Context.
10. Style/Finding your feet.

Pick out 10 successful things/traits that I want to explore.

1. Go cycling more, modifying my bicycle and using it to fit in exercise and get around.
2. Cook some new and interesting meals to increase my culinary skills whilst improving my health.
3. Create and design a new business which will develop both my design skills and business knowledge too.
4. I want to try and explore new finishing techniques such as embossing and laser engraving.
5. I want to develop a new money saving plan to make sure I am always on top of my expenses and not dipping into my overdraft or using my credit card.
6. My time management will be very controlled so I work hard throughout the day and get as much as I can done before leaving uni so I can have the evenings off to enjoy.
7. I would like to touch on different formats of design so I have a varied collection of work for my portfolio to show I am versatile.
8. I would like to create some good contacts in related trades and have good relationships with them as I think it might help things in future.
9. This year I would like to broaden my interest in photography and develop my lens collection to have more versatility.
10. I want to practice and develop my screen printing techniques and get better at it.

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