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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 1 - Whilst reading..

I realised today whilst reading the book "How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul." that my part-time job as a sales advisor at PC world was actually helping me for my future in graphic design.

Every day I am there I am speaking to new and interesting people I have never met and instantly trying to click with them and built a relationship with them so that they can trust my advice and my help. 

In the book I am reading a section reads:

"The single  most important thing you can do when discussing a job with a new or potential client is to demonstrate understanding, openness and receptivity. The designer who shows only signs of self-absorption and narrowness of focus isn't going to inspire his or her client."

I practice this on a daily basis in my part time job attempting to excite and interest a customer about a particular product or more appropriately, a feature of a product which will benefit his or her life because of their interests, hobbies, business or day to day lifestyles. 

It seems as though listening intently and becoming engaged directly with clients works the same if not more efficiently in graphic design with clients.

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