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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 2 - Who am I visually?

Since I broke my finger, I have struggled to get practical elements of my work done, after I had completed my COP essay and digital based work I had a lot more space to think.

I started questioning my own branding as a person/designer. I was always scared of the subject, I don't like the idea of designing who I am because I never feel like I know yet. I don't think that thought will ever change, we develop constantly and it will never be fixed, but what parts of me are fixed?

Personality, Appearance, Aims/Interests (to an extent).

Maybe if I could define these themes of myself, I'd be able to work off them in the form of a brief to brand myself visually as a creative professional.


Of course, this is very subjective. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who dislike/hate me for who I am as a person, whether that is bad habits I have, personality traits they aren't keen on, interests I have that aren't mutual, whatever. But at the same time, there will be people that like/love me for these reasons too.

From a professional creative point of view, I believe I am clear, thoughtful, expressive, dependable, understanding, interested, determined, straightforward, organised and optimistic.

I thought I'd throw a stab in the dark and see what happened if I pasted that sentence into google. I was in a way ashamed to see the result in an unprofessional sense as I dislike his music but Drake's album artwork appeared.

I clicked the page on which the image was hosted and it was a 'Astrology/Stars' website on what star sign Drake is and how he shows it, that kind of interested me and I wondered what mine said about me, Taurus.

I read this link to clue up on what I'm supposed to be like (I've never really paid much attention to this stuff) -

Some of it made sense to me, some of it didn't. The things I read which I agreed on were:

"Taurus adores comfort and likes being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things. Along these lines, they also favor a good meal and a fine wine. The good life in all its guises, whether it's the arts or art of their own making (yes, these folks are artistic as well), is heaven on Earth to the Taurus-born."

"They simply want to get things done, and it's that steady, dogged persistence that winds up being viewed as stubbornness. Bulls are actually among the most practical and reliable members of the zodiac, and they are happy to plod along, as it were, in pursuit of their goals. The good news for Bulls is that once they get to the finish line, they'll swaddle themselves in material goods. A self-indulgent beast? Perhaps, but if you toiled as laboriously as these folks do, you'd need some goodies, too. "

"Bulls are fond of all things pretty, whether it's in their home, at a museum or on the stage. Life as one sweet pas de deux is how the Taurus-born like it. To onlookers, this may look like so much materialism and blessed excess, but Bulls really aren't interested in living without beauty in their lives. Beauty to the Bull also comes in the way of a happy home life, one that includes a partner and a stable relationship."

"Taurus much prefers to take each day slowly and steadily and work toward their ultimate goal. Along these lines, those born under this sign are happy to stick with their projects until they have reached a successful conclusion. They are also extremely patient and dependable along the way. "

"The great strength of Taurus is in their stability, loyalty and dogged determination. Bulls want to get the job done, and they will. What better way to get the riches they so fervently crave?"

The last quote was a good conclusion of my personality traits (maybe this astrology stuff makes more sense than I thought). The "riches" the quote speaks of often changes but the most consistent one is probably self development. I know I learn something from everything I do and so I relentlessly "do".


This is definitely a constantly changing aspect of everyone, we all grow older, our features change, our fashion sense, our body.

Through my early-mid teens I was very passionate about music, I played the electric guitar and that would be a constant activity in my free time. This was my (what some people refer to it now as) my mosher/emo days. I had long hair, I wore a lot of dark colours and band merchandise, I listened to heavy music and I aspired to play it.

It was only last year I decided to grow up and get a haircut and dress more appropriately for real life and stop being a scruffy teenager haha.

I definitely feel more comfortable with myself now since the change in appearance. I wouldn't expect much more of a different change in the future.

So to define me through current appearance, we have:


Baggy blank/graphic t-shirt, black/blue denim jeans/shorts, baggy hoodie, Vans/Nike shoes, combed back hair/beanie. 

Smart Casual: 

Button shirt, black/blue denim jeans, jacket/coat, Vans/Nike shoes, combed back hair.

Overall my fashion isn't exactly anything special, if anything I just like to keep to the basics, I like to put the effort into my appearance to set good impressions if I ever meet anyone new (socially or professionally), at the same time as using it as a way of communicating what I am like as a person.


I have always had high expectations of myself, I work myself a lot to reach my objectives and it isn't often I choose not to. In the long term I don't have any or know any professional aims as a designer but the one thing I know is whatever it is will take a a lot of hard work and endurance to achieve it. Therefore I guess my professional aims are very self-developmental as I am always pushing myself to the next level whenever I can. Wherever that gets me consequently will not be good enough and I will then work myself to achieve higher.

Other than graphic design, my interests lay in music (still but not to the extent it used to), and as of very recently craft beers and cycling. Of course in some ways they can cross over into design too.


After analysing my personal and professional qualities, I have come to be aware that I am straight-forward, clear, determined, practical, productive, organised, simple and ambitious.

How can this be communicated visually?


I researched into colour meanings and found that turquoise means communication and clarity of mind. It can also be practical and idealistic. This is the most relevant colour meaning I could find in reflection to the qualities stated.

Imagery/Subconscious imagery: 

Roadsigns/way-finding, the golden number, the fibonacci sequence, grids, stationary/tools, time, coffee.

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