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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 1 - Unexpected Publicity

I suddenly noticed a flurry of views/appreciations from students in Falmouth on my 'Speaking From Experience' brief response on my Behance portfolio, as well as a collection of new followers from down there.

I also got interest from two people wanting to purchase the book I had made even though it was for Leeds College of Art students.

I explained to both people that I am really busy with work at the moment but I'd be happy to make them each their own copy for £10 each (partially to scare them off as I have a lot of work on, but also I'd have to book a print slot and put some time out of more important stuff to do it). But also asked someone to send me a screen shot of the post on their graphic design Facebook page which began the interest which you can see below.

Quite nice to see that my older work is appreciated by students beginning their interest in graphic design on the other end of the country.

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