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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 1 - Contacting Analogue

I decided to bite the bullet and write a letter to one of my favourite studios today to see if they would let me visit them at their studio just outside Leeds.

My letter said:

To Barry, Jake, Anna, Josh, Adam and Richard,

My name is Alex and I am a graphic design student at Leeds College of Art currently moving through the last modules of my second year.  I thought I’d address this letter to all of you at Analogue as my appreciation of what you all do as a team is something that holds a lot of motivation for my own practice and studies.

I first learned of your studio when I saw that you collaborated with Drew Millward on the artwork for the Icons Custom Toy Show here in Leeds. I think that was in the Christmas holidays of my first year of university.

Since then I have been a keen follower of the work you have produced, particularly work that I have been able to experience myself in the city such as Oporto’s Dogging Club identity and more recently Cielo Blanco’s branding and web design.

As a student developing my practice I’d be really interested in seeing the space in which you all work together as well as meet the faces behind what pushes me so much with my own work! Would it be possible at all to come and visit you one day soon?

Kind regards to all of you and keep up the amazing work!

Alex Dyson
07788 587307

I decided to save this until my branding and identity is complete so I shall update this post once it is sent and I get a response.

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