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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 1 - The Sharp Agency

Yesterday I received a phone call from my mum telling me that one of my little sister's friend's parents run a design studio based in Huddersfield called The Sharp Agency. Apparently my sister's friend showed her parents my work on Behance and they decided to call my mum and ask if I was interested or in need of a placement as they were overly impressed by the quality of my work and saw a lot of talent and skill.

This made me tremendously happy as I hadn't even spoke to them before, nor knew they existed so it was wonderful to have a studio in a sense approach me rather than the other way round.

I decided to send them an e-mail today starting a conversation and introducing myself as well as asking them about their work and also feedback on work I am currently doing.

It will be interesting to see where this leads. Hopefully some contacts to network with as well as some work experience at a studio which has worked for Best Western, NUS, The NHS, Gola, and Chrysler.

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