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OUGD502 - Studio Brief 2 - A Design Presence Web Presence

Being in quite a rush to get to a print slot, I unfortunately fled my workspace where i had all of my sketches and completely forgot about them, by the time I remembered I fear they have been thrown away.

Nontheless, I never documented these but the development of my site was very fast.

For my online presence, I wanted something reliable, cheap and convenient. I hate the idea of updating so many areas of web in respect to social networking and blogs. This gave me the idea to check out two prospective hosts, cargo collective, and behance pro-site.

After some reviewing and research, I decided on Behance pro-site because of the convenience to publish work on there and have it automatically feed to my professional platform. This also gave the option to use both template features and custom css and html.

The price was also a good factor as it only costs £6 a month (less than netflix!).

Using a fixed grid system of three columns, I developed a homepage which reflected my brand as well as my printed media. I didn't want to use a template because I didn't want mine to look like anyone else's so I started with the basic layout and then customised it to my plans.

Following suit with my branded colours, I kept it to blue and white until the user hovered over the project. This highlighted the project with it's true colours.

My about section is a resume in a sense which describes myself and my name. This is the backbone of what needs to be on there. Over the next coming months I plan to develop more pages such as a personal work blog, and more about my outside interests.

Upon clicking on a project from the homepage the user is greeted with a list view of images from the project, a description in the column beside it and then links to the other projects beside that. Right at the bottom of the page you find the footer from the homepage with all the social networking links (Facebook is not personal page, it is a page for design work).

This website is now live and working so feel free to check it out! -

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