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OUGD602 — Gatecrashing Drew Millwards Lecture

I follow Drew Millward on instagram and I heard that he was delivering a lecture here at Leeds College Of Art for the illustration programme, so naturally - me and Danielle decided to turn up.

Drew began the lecture with the statement "Your childhood and your up-bringing shapes what you become interested in and what you do for the rest of your life".

Studied Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan 15 years ago and fell in love with the city so stayed.

Drew started putting on gigs in Leeds because of his love for music but not being able to play it. These gigs then needed posters so it fell into place and he began to draw graphics for posters.

Once these gigs were successful, other people started asking Drew to do the posters for their gigs too.

"If you have an interest in something, use it to your advantage and work your work around that"

Starting to design posters for American tours meant outsourcing the printing, this meant restrictions of print abilities were lifted and Drew was able to refine his drawing skills.

Drew moved to digital working because of the space in his studio/spare-bedroom. The transition was remarkably quick and the style he had developed, changed rapidly.

Drew's final element of advice was:

When it came to asking questions at the end, I remembered him saying "Find a printer you can trust" — so I wondered who he used as it would undoubtedly be in the area.

I asked and he told me that there are tonnes of shit printers in the UK so he was happy to say who he uses.

Tommy Davidson — Prints of Thieves is apparently fantastic at what he does and if prints were ever needed, he'd be the one to do it if you couldn't do it yourself.

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