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OUGD602 — Neubau Forst Lecture

As a group we were invited to the Neubau Forst Lecture at Huddersfield University to here Neubau discuss their most recent project and give us the opportunity to ask questions.

I used to live in Holmfirth and Huddersfield was the nearest town so I helped direct everyone to the university building's canal-side west lecture theatre.

Upon arrival it was quite bewildering how many of us there were compared to the Huddersfield uni students. There was still 96 places left held for their course students when we arrived which is almost more than two entire year-groups put together on our course.

I found the talk very interesting as they discussed such a vast project which has taken them five years to complete. I left feeling inspired and motivated to get my own work completed because of how amazing potential outcomes can always be if you are passionate and hard-working for something.

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