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OUGD602 — Networking - Restrap

At the end of the Halleycat event, we all went to Nation of Shopkeepers for a few drinks and I was pleasantly surprised that event though I told them not to pay me, they gave me £20 and a £50 bike lock as a thank-you for doing the work. For reference, view the video below.

Nathan then went on to ask me questions about my creative practice in respect to what I do and specialise in. He said that he has made a very good business relationship with the design agency Catalogue and they do everything for him design-wise but he currently needs some simple infographics made for a new product he is going to sell and asked if I'd be interested.

It felt good to know that through doing some work which I thoroughly enjoyed with people that I got on with, landed me more work that was paid.

We organised to have a meeting about it to develop a brief at the Restrap HQ in Leeds which I am looking forward to.

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