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OUGD602 — Networking - Nathan Hughs, Tim Pulleyn & Mark Windsor

I have recently been part of the Halleycat Event team as their graphic designer. This has been a really enjoyable job and has given me the opportunity to meet some interesting people with creative backgrounds in the cycling world.

Halleycat is one of the UK's most iconic fixed gear cycling events. It is held on Halloween and consists of a series of different competitions and a ride through the city.

See the project's development on my Extended Practice blog - here.

I organised to meet up with Tim & Nathan (the two event organisers) over a beer at Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds and to then go on a ride with them.

Tim Pulleyn works in digital marketing and runs The Broken Line - a online cycling blog.

Nathan Hughs is the founder, product designer & maker at Restrap - a Leeds based cycling accessories + clothing company. Nathan was a speaker at the Bespoke event hosted by Creative Networks last year.

A friend of them, Mark Windsor was also there whom after introductions, I realised was the founder and product designer at Full Windsor - a company focused on designing products to create solutions for cyclists such as more effective multi-tools and clip on fenders.

We all discussed the event, what else needed to be organised, designed and produced and before we knew it, we'd missed the bike ride which we were going to tag along with. Tim then went home but I was invited to another couple of drinks at The Social with Nathan & Mark.

After all of the Halleycat stuff was discussed and sorted, we had a really interesting conversation about the design industry and what the best way was to journey through it. Nathan and Mark had some really great advice about how to get myself out there, how to network with the right people and again, how to keep in touch afterwards. Speaking to a couple of people who have had years growing in the creative industry was really useful and interesting.

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