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OUGD602 — Studios - Analogue - Part 1

I have been a huge fan of Analogue's work since my first year of the degree programme. Their branding work is outstanding and has always been an inspiration to my hard work ethics.

I was nearing on getting in touch at the end of last year but they moved their studio and I didn't want to catch them while they were busy with that. However all of that changed today.

Instagram is such an amazing social networking platform for creatives in my opinion, it allows you to show your work and life through the format of photos taken on your phone. Very recently, I took the attention of the digital director at Analogue who proceeded to 'like' all the photos involving my current project for the Halleycat event (found here).

I bucked up the courage to ask him for his email address on a photo he had 'liked' and he immediately invited me to the studio for a chat.

This gave me a massive confidence boost and sent an email right away. This lead to the invite to go to their studio on Friday 10/10/2014 at 3:45 for a beer and to talk about their work and my work too.

This is huge for me because of how much I love their work and how long I have too. Can't wait to go and see how they work and the space they do it in too. I might even get some advice on my work and possibly a placement too.

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