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OUGD602 — Studios - Analogue - Part 2

Upon arrival, Billy, the Digital Director of Analogue welcomed me in and introduced me to the team behind the studio including Jake the Design Director.

They showed me into their briefing / meeting room and offered me a beer before they avidly started to ask me about my work. It was great to have a couple of professional creatives speak so passionately about my work and how I create at the same time as giving me some great feedback on my current projects I am working on.

Because of following Analogue's work since I moved to Leeds I was really interested in how they approached briefs, how they worked together and what they were doing behind the scenes at the moment.

Overall they were really friendly, interested in the way I work, the course I was on and where I was wanting to go in my career.

Towards the end of our conversation, Jake was called into their working area to deal with a client they are working with in China (Pizza Express). Billy then asked me if I had done any internships or placements yet and if I was interested in doing one. I told him how I have spent the last two years in hiding developing my creative practice until it was professional enough to represent my abilities and interest but I am currently looking for a placement for this year. He went on to tell me that they haven't ever had a placement student before as they haven't really been interested in doing it but Billy & Jake have discussed it between themselves and they would be really interested in taking me on as their first.

They told me that Easter would probably be the best time for them but they needed to get the go-ahead from Barry, the Managing Director before-hand. He told me to e-mail him the dates I was free this year and he would work on getting me in there.

This felt absolutely amazing and I was so happy I was called in to see them. The studio itself is an amazingly inspiring working environment and the team within it are friendly and down to earth. Everything seems to have fallen into place perfectly.

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