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OUGD602 — Placement — Analogue

For the next two weeks I am going to be working Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm at Analogue in Morley, Leeds.

I thought I would give the placement some consideration in respect to what I wanted to achieve from it so I would find it easier to meet my goals and develop myself and my creative professional practice. Below are some things that I would like to get from the placement.

Friends — I would like to get really close to the people that work at this studio, when I first visited they all seemed really friendly already and on the same wavelength as me, which I find quite difficult to find. Developing a good relationship with the people at this studio may lead to more networking with others that share similar interests at the same time as some good contacts that are already in the industry that may be a good source of advice and help.

Confidence — Being in the final year of university, I am beginning to feel anxious about finishing university and not being good enough for creative employment yet so I am hoping that working this placement will enlighten my creative drive, abilities and confidence so that I can sell myself better and make more educated opinions and comments without feeling that I will say something unprofessional.

Work — I want to be 'used and abused' to an extent of the placement. I have heard horror stories of interns just watching from afar, making coffee, given small poor jobs and then the agencies never using it. I want to be involved in the centre of action and I want to be able to become a part of the team for two weeks making an impact in the studio and leaving a great impression. To leave and know that I have created important elements in briefs would be a great feeling but it would also give me lots of experience in client led briefs within team environments with the added pressure or representing the studio. I think this will be great for exercising my stress levels under pressure.

Collaboration — I have struggled to find someone on the same wavelength as me at university in regards to creating work together. As we are all in our studies, we all want to do what we want to do and are difficult to budge on that, because we want to build our portfolio upon personal levels. I want to use this as an opportunity to collaborate with other members of a close knit team who have one thing in focus, which is creating great work in response to a clients needs.

Enlightenment — For the last 2 and a bit years, people have always asked me what I want to do when I finish university. Until now I have not yet had the chance of a placement or studio time so I have been unsure if I would suit it, and at the same time, even though I know I work well solo, I would be worried to go freelance because of the potential risk of not earning money in dry spells and falling short of rent, etc. This opportunity will allow me to figure out for myself if I would work in a studio environment efficiently with other people.

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