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OUGD602 — Placement — Analogue — Week 2

On Monday, like the week before, we started the day with a Ted talk, this one was by Philippe Starck, at times it was quite difficult to understand what he was saying because of the accent but it was a really interesting talk about the purpose of design.

See it here —

After that, we were each briefed on our jobs for the week. Mine was to begin the concept development for the identity for Revere, the pub company that owns The Elephant and Market and many others Analogue are in the process of rebranding.

I got straight to work on my first concept and worked pretty solid on it for two days. I then presented this to Barry.

After we discussed the concept, it was made clear that even though it looked modern, it looked a bit science themed or atom inspired which wasn't the correct vibe.

I went back to the drawing board and began pulling down reference to back up my directions / styles. I then consulted Jake with these and we refined them further by finding more / better reference.

This time upon working the logo I had a more direct pathway in each style to present to Barry upon completion.

On the last day of the placement, we all went to Nandos for lunch as a send off and upon returning I presented my work to Barry once more.

He was really pleased and impressed with the direction I had followed after trialling the previous ones and them not working, we then went on to discuss how we'd found working together.

I told him that I had felt really welcomed to the studio from the first day and it was great to be so involved in the briefs they were completing, i had learned a lot from being in their environment for two weeks even though it felt so quick.

Barry said he was really really impressed with my work ethics, the motivation I had, the amount I had done and the quality I finished it. He also made hints about the potential of furthering our relationship with another placement and then possibly a job. I was given an unexpected £200 for the graft and I reiterated that I'd stay in touch and hopefully come back soon.

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