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OUGD602 — Kinoko Opportunity

On the 21st of January, three days into my Analogue placement, I received an email from Max Lewis, the owner of Kinoko, a London based premium cycle boutique which I am a huge fan of and have purchased a lot from.

He had found me on instagram and enquired about working with me on something which I found immensely exciting. I replied straight away to show my enthusiasm but inform him of how busy I am at the moment in the studio. He was absolutely fine with it and told me to get in touch when my schedule was freed up.

Once I finished my placement I emailed Max again to let him know that I was free. He asked about my current plans and what I was doing along with a request of references, etc. I heard that both Nathan and Tim were already close with him so I asked them for references as there'd be more trust between them than random strangers.

Tim gave me an amazing reference and Nathan gave me a ring to tell me how close they were and said to tell him that he can give Nathan a ring if he needed reassurance that I was good at what I do.

I answered his questions and sent the email.

Max began asking questions about where I stood now, what I was wanting to do and also asked for references. I have never needed a design reference before so I messaged both Tim and Nathan, whom I have done work with involved in the cycling community and also know him.

I constructed my response professionally as I really wanted to work with them. The reference Tim sent me was absolutely fantastic, I may go back down my client list and ask for some references from them too for use on my website or if future clients request them!

I saw on instagram and twitter that Max and Josh (the brand manager at Kinoko), went on a tour of italian factories so I wasn't expecting a reply any time soon!

The final straw was pricing. I am one that pulls up a very fair price structure for my work that obviously develops along with myself. I always remember that I have rent and bills to cover in the real world and of course want some extra out of it for my efforts. However in the case of clients that I really want to work with, I play with these prices to make them seem more appealing but at the same time make them aware of how much I want to work with them and hopefully develop a professional relationship that would bring more work forward in the future.

Once the weekend was over I got an email from Max agreeing to my rates and confirming briefs to be sent.

This is really exciting being granted some work from one of my favourite stores, I will push myself to work quite hard with the intent to establish a tight professional relationship with Max and the company.

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