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OUGD602 — Leeds Print Festival

I took my girlfriend and I to the Leeds Print Festival talks as I thought it would be a really interesting bulk of knowledge from different speakers as well as possible networking opportunities.

Alec Dudson — Intern Magazine

Alec spoke about his opinions on the independent magazine industry and it's relationship with the digital age.

It was interesting to hear about his journey into editorial print design, the fact he interned at Boat magazine for a while before deciding to set up his own magazine based on the idea of internships. What really interested me was the fact that his experiences of that made him push intern into a printed matter that pays the contributors who are in the interning community for their work, turning it in a sense against it and being fair to those who are deemed not worthy of being paid for their hard work.

Counterpress Letterpress Studio

Counterparts spoke about how they came to exist through a love and passion for printing even though they were both made redundant.

They didn't really understand themselves how they got to where they were but it was sparked from the redundancy of them both and the spare time they were presented with. They wanted to make beautiful prints from an old beaten down letter press machine and it slowly grew out of control until they rented out a studio space and turned it into what they did for money.

It was great hearing how they were so into something that they put everything they had into it and it became a success at the same time as enough of an income to keep them going.

Perrott Bespoke Printing

Prorate told us their story and showed us a beautiful video to bring it to life.

It was so nice to hear directly from a specialist printer of this caliber that still uses die stamping. I also found it interesting when someone asked how their work has changed over the years from a lot of corporate identity stuff to specialist documents, wedding invitations and business cards for higher end businesses.

I have always been really interested in traditional print processes and to discover one that I had no other knowledge of other than the name of it and a rough idea was great.

Paul Heys — Neubau / Kubrick Archive

Paul Heys enlightened us to his journey of research and archiving with a gut wrenching twist at the end that made me cringe on my seat.

Paul spent eight years developing an archive of Stanley Kubrick's work in the form of a publication. This was intensely indexed with reference codes and impressive grid structures that both looked beautiful and functioned incredibly well / easily.

We were later disclosed that upon the final day of working on it, it was deemed a breach of copyright by Warner Bros and he was unable to publish it or turn his work into a reality because of this breach that he wasn't informed of.

Ben Freeman — Ditto Press

I had already heard a similar talk from Ben when he came to uni to brief us on our methodology task, however I wanted my girlfriend to hear it as she has a huge interest in self publishing, zine culture and DIY comics.

Ben went through his talk on his life story of acid trips and the 90's rave scene and how it got him to where he was today, one of the founders of Ditto Press. This place specialises in publishing and art as a whole.

Unfortunately we had to leave after that due to preconceived arrangements however what we saw was absolutely fantastic.

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