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OUGD602 — Made By Analogue — Round 2

Since the end of my placement at Analogue in January I have made efforts to stay in touch with Jake, the design director and even though we have both been so busy and difficult to communicate between we spoke irregularly with feedback jotting back and forth on the work I have been doing as well as mentions of meeting up and going to the pub.

I also made sure that I made enough of an effort to stay in touch on instagram to keep a dialogue going with the rest of the team and keep a lasting impression on them all.

In the last thread of e-mails, I reiterated my intentions of coming back in Easter like I discussed with Barry on my last day. This seemed to be still of interest to them when it was brought up and Jake took the liberty of checking if the dates I was free would work with them and it did.

Really looking forward to round two with them as a studio, since I was last there they have hired another middle-weight designer called Lucas Jubb, a professional whose work I have began admiring more recently when seeing outcomes for Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds Feast, and Stuzzi.

Can't wait to get back in their routine, meet Lucas and try and provide some more great work for them to put into motion. Since my last visit, where I was their first official intern, they have made it into a regular occurrence and even advertised it on YCN's job-board as a paid placement. £6.50 an hour will be useful indeed for two weeks in Easter! 

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