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OUGD602 — Archipelago

On Friday 20th of March I received an e-mail from Michael Lewis at a small local studio called 'The Archipelago' in Leeds. The wonders of instagram has hit me again, one of their team member's had found my work through that and insisted that Michael, the founder took a look.

He went on to talk about getting me in for a visit and showing my work as they like to get a feel of students from both our course and the Leeds Beckett one and see how they fit in with them. This could mean both internships or future career paths.

Michael complimented my work quality and picked out two briefs he particularly liked the outcomes of, the Mallinsons brewery branding and the fixed gear publication. Finally he said he wanted me to come in if I was interested to show my work and talk to them.

I had heard of Archipelago before but not yet seen any of their work. From what I could see from the three projects on their website, their working style was very similar to my own and they focused on smaller independent branding, a specialism I concentrated on with interest.

I decided that I'd definitely be interested to go and speak to them and show them what I am currently working on, I can imagine them to be quite down to earth and interesting to talk to. I e-mailed back that I was free the following Monday afternoon but later realised it was Friday afternoon and they probably wouldn't even see it till Monday.

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