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OUGD602 — Studios — The Lift Agency — Opportunity

On Facebook, there is a discussion board for fixed-gear cyclists in Leeds to aid in selling parts, buying parts, organising rides, etc.

I check it each week to see where and when the communal rides are taking place and this week I noticed one of the group moderators, Sam had posted this.

The Lift Agency was already on my hit-list for places I wanted to visit/request a placement so I sought the opportunity and sent him an e-mail.

Working in sales at PC World has given me an insight in financial psychology and therefore I upped my day-rate without pushing the boat out too far so that if lift as a studio attempted to little it down, I wouldn't lose out.

The conversation felt very relaxed and laid back and I felt like there is an instant common ground because of my ice-breaker of the Halleycat.

I wanted to highlight my experience in the professional industry so he felt like he could depend on me, I let him in on a recent struggle I had with timezones and international clients because of him mentioning that difficulty.

`What I mentioned above happened and he asked if I would take £120/day, this is still above my standard day-rate so I was pretty chuffed and accepted with a bit of resistance to show that I know what I want/need but prompted a declaration of how much work would be involved.

This also worked and he mentioned there would be a fair amount of work in the coming months.

After clarifying dates and times, we agreed for me to come up on the Friday to meet the team and work with them for the day to see how I did things.

We arranged to meet at the train station for the 8:30 train to Harrogate where we could have a chat before arriving because of his meeting first thing.

This was all really exciting and didn't feel like it could of gone any better.

I am beginning to feel a lot more professional as of recently. People are treating me and my practice with a lot more respect and its a good feeling, its a nice reflection.

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